At Minteas®, we want healthy people and a healthy world.

Minteas loves the earth. We want to help the environment in any way that we possibly can for North America's sake. That's why we use some of our profits to plant trees all over Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

We pledge to save forests.

We use 50% of our profits to buy tree saplings and plant in the major forests all over North America. We've already planted about 1,483 trees so far. In time, Minteas hopes to be a major contribution to reforestation.

No GMOs or Bioaccumulation Allowed.

Genetically Modified Organisms destroy the digestive systems of animals in the nearby ecosystems. If they hurt the animals, they will hurt the people, who we need to help reforest the continent. Our farmer's make a pledge to never use GMOs when growing the herbs needed for our tea production.

Bioaccumulation occurs when pesticides build up in your body from eating produce covered in it. Sometimes it'll even show up in your meats, if the animals grazed on grass or food with pesticides. Minteas doesn't want the food chain disrupted from our production, so we clean off our produce of pesticides so you and your loved ones don't get sick.